How To Save Electricity

How to Save Electricity

With the cost of everything going up, such as food, gas, electricity, clothes, education, etc., people believe the only area they have any hope of saving is how to save electricity. I have been there, and I understand the struggles that come with it. Two years ago my light bill was $213 per month, and it was a struggle paying my light bill along with the other bills. I start implementing a strategy and got my bill down to $123 dollars per month. It took some work, and it was a struggle at first, but once I began to see results, I was able to streamline a process to save anymore more money on my electricity bill at home.

How to Save Electricity Every Month

With the cost of everything going up, such as food, gas, electricity, clothes, education, etc., people believe the only area they have any hope of saving is figuring out how to save electricity. I have been there, and I understand the struggles that come with it. One month’s electric bill may put a smile on your face because you saved $10-$20 dollars off your previous month energy bill. Your next month bill got you stressed out because it went up $30-$100 dollars, and your budget is asking you; How is the light bill getting paid this month? Having electrical saving devices can help you monitor your electrical usage.


P3 International P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

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Power Bright VC3000W Voltage Transformer 3000 Watt Step Up/Down converter 110/120 Volt - 220/240 Volt

Ways to Save Electricity and Get Ahead

Regardless of how stressed you may feel, there are ways to save electricity and get ahead in life. I created a system (Electric Bill Eradicator System) from two years of research, tweaking, and application. My yearly savings are over $1,000 dollars each year. I did it without buying new energy efficient appliances, home solar systems, home insulation, new windows installation, etc. My home was built in the 1962, so you know energy efficient was not even thought about then. The changes I did make cost me less than $50 dollars to use with the system I created. If you notice, when you drive your vehicle, if one spark plug is weak, bad gas, clogged air filter, corroded battery, your vehicle will not run correctly. The same thing goes for your home, if it is not wired correctly, or the wrong device is in your home, it will cause your electrical power system to push more energy to that segment to deliver the results needed for the task.


Honeywell TH8110U1003 Vision Pro 8000 Digital Thermostat

General Tools GF1302 3-Wire Circuit Analyzer with GFCI Tester

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Save on Electricity Bills Today!

How to Save Electricity with Air Conditioner

As you know, controlling the air conditioner if the monster of all monsters because it will get a family’s light turned off for failure to pay the amount due. The best way on how to save electricity with air conditioner is by using a digital thermostat in the home. They come with several time settings, and it allows you to control when and how the air conditioner performs. I understand every family temperature tolerant is different, but I set my digital thermostat in the following sequence: 6AM – 77 degrees, 12 noon – 75 degrees, 6PM – 74 degrees, and 10PM – 71 degrees for bed time. With the Electric Bill Eradicator System, my electricity bill went from a high of $213 two years ago to a low of $123 dollars per month today. Click here to see proof from one year’s difference in price.


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How to Save Electricity in an Apartment

With the high cost of rent, it is tough for many people and families to figure out how to save electricity in an apartment. Regardless of the struggle many people have with reducing their electric bills, it is fairly easy to reduce energy cost when the right energy saving devices are used. I noticed when I had an apartment or people I knew had one, they used extension cords in both wall outlets for their electrical devices, and that created safety hazards for those living there. It also caused the electric bill to go up because the apartment's electrical system had to push more power to each outlet. This creates a dangerous condition for the family living in the apartment, and for everyone else who lives in the remaining attached apartments.


Belkin SurgeMaster 6 Outlet Wall-Mount Surge Protector

Belkin Pivot-Plug Surge Protector

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How to Save Energy in Every Season

Each season (fall, winter, spring, and summer) brings about a different electric bill monster. In the past I would drive myself bonkers because I am a detailed oriented person. After all, my background is accounting, logistics, business, finance, and management. It takes someone who is willing to remain attentive when the seasons change, and adapt their family’s energy saving tactics around that. It takes someone with patience to monitor every day to monitor exactly when the seasons change. In the day we live in, very few people show any signs of patience. If you are not that person, but you want to save over 35% on your electric bill at home, try the Electric Bill Eradicator System. If you have plenty of patience, and you want to save, I recommend the following energy saving devices you can use and tweak as each season changes.


3 Pack - Belkin Power Conserve Switch F7c016q - Bulk Packaging

GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM 60 Watt Replacement - 2 Packs of 8 Bulbs - 16 Total Bulbs

How to Save Electricity in Winter and Stay Warm

I know when winter time hits Georgia in full swing, the first thing that use to come to my mind was, “How was I going to save electricity in winter time and stay warm at the same time. Naturally keeping unused rooms’ vents, windows, and doors closed can keep the house warm, but other steps are needed to drop the cost of electricity. Other options involve lowering the temperature in the refrigerator, freezer, and adjusting the heating dial on your hot water heater helps as well. One unknown method is this: When you stop using your air conditioner because of the cold weather, go outside to the grey switch box by your air conditioner unit, and turn it to the off position. This technique prevents electricity from continually to go to your air conditioner unit. Making sure each family member have on proper clothing also can keep the home feeling warm.


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What Is The Electric Bill Eradicator System

How to Save Electricity at School

I know many times in the past, everyone believe that schools had a ton of money to spend, but since the recession, budgets has hit everyone hard including each school. You know it is bad when schools want to learn how to save electricity at school. At least the recession has forced everyone to change their habits involving wasteful spending and negligence of resources. Schools can save electricity every day by upgrading old technologies that used too much energy in the past. The day we live in now does not require electrical components (equipment, devices, and materials) to be big in nature, only efficient smart digital systems.


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How to Save Electricity with Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil can be a time and energy saver if you stay focused on using it the way it was designed. If you look at aluminum foil, you will notice that it has a dull side and a shiny coat side. Always remember to keep the dull side facing the interior area of what you are doing, and the shiny part facing the exterior of the area to reflect the heat or cold surroundings. You can use it to protect the heat or cold from entering your home. You can also use it for cooking. When you bake meats, cover the top of the pan with aluminum foil to speed the baking time of the meat. This technique will cut your baking time in half. If you have aluminum lids for your pots and pans, repeat the same function because it is one of the best ways of how to save electricity with aluminum foil.


Thermo-Tec 13575 12" X 24" Adhesive Backed Heat Barrier

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How to Save Electricity at Home for Kids

I know the first thing that comes to your mind is when the kids will be out for school, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, and summer break. Trying to figure out how save electricity at home for kids can be a daunting task. When children are young, their body go through so many changes and sicknesses. The best way to save electricity is by applying preventive measure procedures! As you know, when kids are sick, even though everyone else in the house is hot, they are cold. Making sure your kids wear the correct clothing during each season is vital to keeping your energy bills low. You cannot always rely on your kids telling you when they are hot, cold, wet, etc., you have to closely watch them, and manage it from your end. Stay attentive also in how your kids sleep in accordance with their temperature tolerance. Some kids need extra additional blankets when they sleep at night. Keep in mind to always keep the proper pajamas (bed clothing your kids love to wear) for bed on your kids as well, along with socks, house shoes, and snuggies to keep your kids in good and perfect health.

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